Wönnichstrasse 1 (private property and meeting point of far-right activists) after a paint bomb attack, apparently by left-wing extremists.



Among the many artefacts that owe their existence to the struggle between far-right extremists and others are those whose effect rests on their symbolic meaning and others that are important because of their sheer materiality. Physical infrastructures like meeting points are an example of the latter. They include communal living arrangements (Wohngemeinschaften) which are typically rather inconspicuous from the outside because they are mainly rented flats within larger buildings. Retail outlets selling far-right paraphernalia are important too and can range widely in appearance. Also pubs are of special significance and many carry more or less telling names and symbols. Private properties are often used as places for strategic and entertainment meetings. A remarkable example is the building Wönnichstrasse 1 which belongs to a right-wing activist, was attacked by far-left aggressors and consequently remodelled into a fortress-like structure.